five senses friday no. 14

We didn't have a white Christmas, but it was still magical (and the snow came eventually). Mum was home. This was all we really wanted for Christmas. Everything else was gravy. We spent lots of time hanging out, watching cheesy holiday movies, playing Catan and, of course, ate way too much food. 

Matthew and I spent Boxing Day at the Royal Ontario Museum with friends from Vancouver. It was amazing. When we arrived early in the day, the Museum was quite empty. I suspect everyone else in Toronto was out battling each other trying to get a cashmere sweater at 85% off. After spending a few hours checking out the Dinosaurs, we headed home to start our Lord of the Rings marathon with the family.

post-Christmas snowstorm

The soft and cozy flannel of my new Christmas pyjamas.

Crabtree & Evelyn Noël home fragrance. This has been the smell of Christmas for as long as I can remember.

Non-stop Christmas music. And I am totally fine with this.

A Christmas feast! I tried Christmas pudding for the first time—I also made it for the first time.

Smiling faces of my family. Mum sitting in her usual spots at home. Our own Christmas miracle.

For anyone who has stumbled across my blog for the first time, this is a weekly post inspired by Abby from abby try again. She invites everyone to play along with five senses friday. It's a lovely way to look back on your week.

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